Peak Oil Reader: Where To Start Learning About Peak Oil

Peak Oil Reader: Where To Start Learning About Peak Oil

Peak oil is the point at which worldwide oil production is reached. Once the oil supply peaks, petroleum extraction will decline, prices will increase and oil will become unobtainable.

In 1956, M. King Hubbert, an American geophysicist employed by Shell Oil, predicted that the United States oil production would peak between 1965 and 1970 in his theory on peak oil.

Scientists have developed a myriad of peak oil forecasts. Some believe that the oil industry already peaked while others claim that it will happen within several decades. Currently, researchers struggle to find techniques to harvest oil from remote areas in order to prevent the peak oil crisis.

A selection of articles on peak oil:

* Benjamin Kunkel's article on the impending peak oil emergency for GQ.

* National Geographic article on the world oil market, "when will the peak hit?"

* National Geographic article, which discusses the surging oil demand's limit.

* Financial Week author Patrick Mcveigh's opinion piece on how the slump in fuel demand will offset peak oil.

* Time Magazine's Lisa Abend reviews the OPEC World Petroleum Congress.

* Time Magazine's Justin Fox discusses the future of the oil industry.

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Peak oil related links:

* The Association for the Study of Peak Oil offers news updates and analysis. Founder Colin Campbell is a leading authority on oil depletion.

* Wolf at the Door provides a beginner's guide to peak oil.

* offers a peak oil media guide.

Huffington Post links:

* Blogger Gabriel Rotello writes about oil prices and the media: why the blackout on peak oil?

* Blogger Raymond J. Learsy discusses peak oil and its history in his blog "oil's big dirty secret as producers rake in hundreds of billions"

* Read more on peak oil at the Huffington Post Oil big news page

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