The Peanut Butter GIFs That Truly Express Our Obsession


If there's one food that really deserves a national holiday, it's peanut butter. No doubt. That's why on Jan. 24, we honor our favorite spread. This great food, made of nothing more than blended peanuts (OK, and sometimes sugar and oils), is the reason most of us had happy childhoods -- all those PB&Js. And it still holds an important place in our lives as adults, too.

Peanut butter gives our breakfast smoothies a special boost. It makes cookies that much better. It elevates desserts to an out-of-body experience.

It's even great straight out of the jar, with a spoon.

It makes ice cream infinitely more enjoyable.

It might not last forever, but it's a better gift than diamonds, no doubt.

Dogs love it.

And we mean, REALLY love it.

Squirrels love it.

Bears can't get enough of this good stuff.

But none of them love peanut butter as much as this baby does.

Peanut butter gives this little one feelings of pure, unadulterated joy.

We'd probably do the same thing.

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