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How To Avoid Peanut Butter Knuckles: The Jar With A Twist (VIDEO)

Finally, our long, national 'peanut butter knuckles' nightmare is over.

It's an experience we've all shared: you meet someone at a party, ask them what they do for a living, they say, "I'm an entrepreneur." We found them. On the internet. Talking about peanut butter jars.

The team behind Jar-WithA-Twist is trying to protect us all from the plight of "peanut butter knuckles" -- the phenomenon that occurs when you try to scrape the very bottom of the peanut butter jar with your butter knife, but end up having to stick your whole hand in the damn thing to get there. How will they do it? With a combination of condiment jar and deodorant applicator the world has never seen. Please, get acquainted with the Jar-With-A-Twist.

"It is nearly impossible to avoid the frustration of peanut butter knuckles." Has any marketing video ever cut so deeply into your core life frustrations? The truth is, we actually think this is a brilliant idea, presented in one of the most giggle-inducing ways we've seen in recent memory. Here's hoping someone can help these guys produce these. We can't wait to see their spot on QVC.

[via Reddit]

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