Peanut Butter S'moreos Are It

If we had to name one weak link in the s'mores trio, it would be the graham crackers, no doubt. Nothing against those honey-flavored crackers, but if you start to consider all the other options out there for sandwiching a broiled marshmallow and chocolate into a dessert, it's clear there are much better choices. Like Oreos.

The genius thing about replacing graham crackers with Oreos is not only the chocolate cookie -- four of them in each bite, to be exact -- but the bonus cream filling, too. And since chocolate is already in the mix it makes it easy to forgo the Hershey's and sub in peanut butter. Why? Because you can.

We did not come up with these glorious creations -- a true vision in all the s'mores recipes we've seen -- but discovered them over at Minimalist Baker. We suggest you head on over there right now before you convince yourself that you don't deserve such a decadent creation -- because you do. You really, really do.

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