Pearl Continental Attacked In Peshawar

Pearl Continental Attacked In Peshawar
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There has just been an attack on the Pearl Continental Hotel in Pakistan. The Marriott-owned building was chosen most likely as part of revenge attacks on soft targets in response to a successful Pakistani military counter-offensive against the Taliban in the region.

According to the Inspector General of the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP), 500 kgs of explosives were used.

The number of dead has risen to 11, according to NDTV. 40 are reported injured so far.

A laundry and kitchen area have been damaged, and smoke is hampering rescue attempts.

The hotel was well secured, and NDTV is saying that two vehicles, packed with explosives, drove to the checkpoint at the hotel and then started firing gunshots.

An eyewitness told ARY News that he saw four militants in one vehicle and that two of them he thought had been apprehended.

A Pakistani airline crew were in the hotel, two hostesses are reported injured and a captain is missing.

Reports from NDTV suggest a provincial minister has been killed.

The hotel is used by foreign aid workers and US visitors, it is popular with VIPs.

The injured have been taken to Lady Reading hospital nearby.

The Taliban have spoken recently of their mission to retaliate the Pakistani military action in Swat.

Rani Singh is a journalist in Pakistan and will continue to update this story as it develops.

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