Pearl Harbor Day: Celebrities Who Served In World War II (PHOTOS)

When the bombs rained down on Pearl Harbor, Americans immediately went to work. In addition to a homefront that saw citizens plant victory gardens, buy war bonds and fill the factories, the military flooded with brave young heroes, ready to defend their country.

At a time of the mandatory draft, a whole generation of young Americans joined the armed forces. Following their brave service, they went on to make America the world's number one power, earning the title of the Greatest Generation. Some of those soldiers would not only build families, towns, and businesses, but earn great fame.

In remembrance of the bombings on Pearl Harbor and the call to action it sounded, we've rounded up some of the most prominent World War II veterans. Everyone who served in that war deserves recognition; these are just the names of the famous.



CORRECTION: The slideshow has been updated to include only celebrities that served in the military and were active duty during World War II.