The Dream Of The '90s Is Alive In These 16 Vintage Pearl Jam Photos

16 Pearl Jam Photos That Keep The Dream Of The '90s Alive

Pearl Jam's 10th studio album, "Lightning Bolt," is out on Oct. 15. To celebrate the upcoming release, remember how the band looked during their 1990s heyday, when thoughts arrived like butterflies, with these 16 vintage photos. For more on the current state of Pearl Jam, read HuffPost Entertainment's exclusive interview with lead singer Eddie Vedder.

1. Pearl Jam, Feb. 14, 1992pearl jam

2. Eddie Vedder & Jeff Ament, March 1, 1992eddie vedder 1992

3. Eddie Vedder, March 4, 1992pearl jam

4. Eddie Vedder, Sharon Stone and the "SNL" cast, April 11, 1992eddie vedder saturday night live

5. Eddie Vedder, June 8, 1992pearl jam

6. Mike McCready, Aug. 28, 1992pearl jam

7. Eddie Vedder at the "Single White Female" premiere, Aug. 1992eddie vedder 1992

8. Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready with Keith Richards, Dec. 31, 1992eddie vedder 1992

9. Eddie Vedder, July 11, 1993pearl jam

10. Jeff Ament & Cypress Hill, Dec. 1993pearl jam

11. Stone Gossard & Anthony Kiedis, Dec. 1993stone gossard

12. Eddie Vedder at the MTV VMAs, Sept. 2, 1993pearl jam

13. Eddie Vedder & Neil Young at the MTV VMAs, Sept. 2, 1993pearl jam

14. Eddie Vedder at the MTV VMAs, Sept. 2, 1993pearl jam

15. Eddie Vedder & Dennis Rodman, June 16, 1996eddie vedder 1996

16. Eddie Vedder at the Tibetan Freedom Concert, June 15, 1998pearl jam

All photos by Getty Images

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