Watch Pearl Jam's 'Lighting Bolt' Short Film, Featuring New Songs 'Getaway,' 'Future Days'

The release of Pearl Jam's new album, "Lightning Bolt," is less than three weeks away, and to stoke further anticipation for the record, the band released a nearly nine-minute short film on Thursday. The mini-documentary, directed by Danny Clinch, focuses on both the making of "Lightning Bolt" and a series of video interviews the group participated in with director Judd Apatow, singer Carrie Brownstein, professional surfer Mark Richards and former NFL player Steve Gleason.

"If it was a four-tile painting, it seemed like they would cover all the bases," Vedder said when asked about the selection process for the interviewers in an extended chat with HuffPost Entertainment. (The full interview will run next week.) "They were all people who we were close enough with, that knew us well enough and had an appreciation for what we had done over the years that we knew they'd be good."

Thus far, Pearl Jam has released two singles from "Lightning Bolt" ("Mind Your Manners" and "Sirens"), but the "Lightning Bolt" film includes first listens of the record's title track, as well as songs "Future Days" and "Getaway."

"Lightning Bolt" is out on Oct. 15. Pearl Jam embarks on a North American tour on Oct. 11. As noted in the press release announcing the video, the interviews with Apatow, Brownstein, Richards and Gleason will be unveiled over the coming weeks.

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CORRECTION: Danny Clinch's name was originally misspelled. The typo has been fixed.