Pearl Jam 'Mind Your Manners' Video: It's Evolution, Baby

On Friday, Pearl Jam released the video for "Mind Your Manners," the first single from the band's upcoming album "Lightning Bolt." Fans, however, would be forgiven for thinking it was 1998 all over again. The clip for "Mind Your Manners," directed by filmmaker Danny Clinch, recalls the Pearl Jam video for "Do The Evolution," an animated affair that catalogued decades of atrocities here on Planet Earth. That theme runs through "Mind Your Manners," which includes references to Hurricane Sandy, the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, melting polar ice caps and nuclear bombs. "So let's try counting the number of obvious blunders," says a man in voiceover at the end of the "Mind Your Manners" video. Indeed.

"Lightning Bolt" is out on Oct. 15.

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