Why I Wear Pearls

Let's face it, in today's economy, pearls are a better investment than stocks and bonds. People associate a woman in pearls as a woman with power.
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As a little girl, I had great female role models -- specifically, my grandmother and mother. To me, they represented what it meant to be a woman. They were smart, determined and passionate women whom I emulated, from their personalities to their sense of style. And, they both wore pearls.

As I began to develop my own sense of style, I knew that I wanted to honor the women in my life who had made me what I am today -- a mother, wife, business woman and designer. But, I had to find pearls that reflected me and my personality. I needed something that was a little edgier, a little funkier. My pearls weren't traditional, perfectly shaped, white strands. Instead, I needed pearls that were chic, unique and colorful while still possessing a sense of sophistication. When I couldn't find what I wanted, I decided to design my own.

My pearls serve the same purpose they've served countless women through the years. I think people associate a woman in pearls as a woman with power. Think of the countless examples of women who hold prominent places in society, both now and in the past, who wore pearls like Jackie O, Coco Channel and Hilary Clinton. Michelle Obama, the epitome of modern style, also wears pearls. In fact, she's worn mine and I love the way she wore them -- big, bold and unexpected.

The average day in my life may take me into the board room of a major corporation, or I may find myself directing a 16-hour commercial shoot. In either case, you'll probably find me in my pearls -- and usually lots of them. My favorite is a 42-inch, peach strand with an oversized diamond nugget. What makes my line even more different is the strategic placement of beautiful diamond findings or unexpected organic materials like lava, moonstone and ancient prayer beads.

No two women are alike, and the same goes for pearls. A woman should find the perfect type of pearl that best fits her sense of style and make them part of her. They should be a reflection of yourself. Maybe a traditional strand fits you best, but know there are other options. Whether it's a longer, uniquely tied strand of colorful pearls or the classic Tahitian slammed with diamonds -- a woman's pearls say a lot about who she is and where she's going.

I think sometimes we stereotype pearls and the way they're worn. Yesterday's rules don't apply in today's style game. Pearls aren't only for special occasions anymore. They don't have to be worn only with other pearls either. Forget all of that! Pearls are fun and sexy and they're perfect for everyday. Mix them with other types of jewelry and make them unique -- just like you!

My final thought about pearls is that they are timeless -- and I think that today, women of all ages should wear them, whether they have been passed down through generations or are purchased new and given for the first time. After all, what little girl doesn't dream of the day she gets her first strand of pearls.

And let's face it, in today's economy, pearls are a better investment than stocks and bonds.

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