Pearson's Candy Company Sends Customer Free Nut Roll 60 Years After Complaint (VIDEO)

Candy Company Responds To Customers Complaint After 60 Years

Over 60 years after biting into an disappointing piece of candy, one Minnesota man is finally getting the sweet reward he felt he deserved.

Dave Bell, now 74, wrote a complaint letter to Pearson’s Candy Company when he was just 14 years old following an unsatisfactory experience with one of the company’s salted nut rolls, Fox 9 News reports. Pearson’s responded to Bell in a letter, apologizing for the faulty roll, but Bell wanted more than just words from the company. He wanted candy.

Recently, after coming across the letter again, Bell decided to give Pearson’s a second shot at appeasing his request and sent the company an email. Despite Bell’s original complaint being over 60 years old, Pearson’s came through and sent him several different candy bars -- including a five-pound salted nut roll.

“Pearson’s is to Minnesota what Ben and Jerry’s used to be to Vermont. It is such a regional favorite,” Pearson's CEO Michael Keller told The Huffington Post. “We take care of our customers the best we can, his claim was totally legitimate and we decided to send him a little bit of free product to make good on what we did 61 years ago.”

The salted nut roll, one of Pearson's signature candies, has a nougat center surrounded by caramel and is covered with Virginia peanuts.

Ironically, as increases in technology has often led to worse customer service, and corporations have replaced actual representatives with automated systems, it was actually Bell’s ability to send Pearson’s an email that got him his desired outcome.

That makes his experience especially unique. Today, the average person will spend 43 days on hold with automated customer service before they die, according to a survey conducted by data collection provider ResearchNow and commissioned by TalkTo, a developer behind the business-centric texting app of the same name.

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