Pebbles: I Believe Chilli Slept With My Husband

Former TLC Manager: I Believe Chilli Slept With My Husband

Perri "Pebbles" Reid joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to tell her side of the story in the making of the iconic '90s girl group TLC.

Among the numerous "lies" she addressed, Pebbles, TLC's former manager, also revealed that she "absolutely" believes that Chilli slept with her husband, record executive L.A. Reid.

While conceding that she refused to believe it "for years" because she loved her husband, she told host Marc Lamont Hill, "I have my reasons [now] to say absolutely... I just know it. It happened... I saw some stuff, it goes deeper than that."

Since the release of VH1's biopic on TLC, "CrazySexyCool" in October, there's been much debate over the accuracy of the film, and in particular, how it portrays Pebbles.

To hear more from Pebbles, watch the full segment below:

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