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The Pedal Pub: How On Earth Can This Bar On Wheels Be Legal? (PHOTO)

Let us get this straight: you get to drink beer on a moving pedal-bar?

We have a quick update in the "what could possibly go wrong?" category. Sometimes we see things that require substantial evidence to convince us that they are real. With that in mind, please allow us to introduce the Pedal Pub.

This bar-on-wheels accommodates up to 17 passengers, including the bartender and the driver. The vehicle is powered by the pedaling of imbibers, who each get a set of gears to churn as they sip beer from the bow-side keg. This vehicle is available on Hammcher Schlemmer for $40,000. Our final note of convincing that this is, in fact, a real product came from the fact that there is a Facebook group dedicated to hating the Pedal Pub, titled fittingly, I Hate The Pedal Pub.

pedal pub

Why do they hate it so much? Well... probably for the reasons anyone would hate having one of these things cruise around their neighborhood. They appear to be loud, slow-moving, potentially dangerous land barges filled with people who are probably not behaving themselves particularly well. There even appear to be some enterprising franchisers making a business out of driving around beer-glugging revelers on these things.

We seriously do not understand how these can be legal. Forgetting momentarily about the whole consuming-alcohol-in-a-moving-vehicle question, most cities also have fairly rigorous open-container laws when it comes to, say, walking down the street? We think, for now, unless someone very convincing has $40,000 to lend us, that we'll continue to enjoy our beers in establishments with concrete foundations.

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