He's Back! Beloved Bipedal Bear Strolls Through New Jersey

Pedals makes his triumphant return.

After months of wondering if he would ever be seen again, a black bear who walks upright was caught on camera roaming through a New Jersey neighborhood. 

Best known as Pedals, the adored animal travels on his hind legs because of wounds sustained to his front paws, according Pedals was last seen in December, but his injuries raised concern that he might not survive the winter.

To the delight of many, Pedals re-emerged on Monday in Oak Ridge, near the Old Woodland trail. Footage shows Pedals sauntering though the grass, or as the Dodo put it, "moseying along just as he had before — up on two legs, like a big furry person."

The sighting is sure to rejuvenate Pedals' internet celebrity status. The bear already has over 12,000 fans on a dedicated Facebook page

 Just walking along, nothing to see here.


There is no debate. The people of New Jersey love Pedals.