Pedestrian And Bike Only Zones (PHOTOS)


We here at HuffPost Green adore pedestrian-only zones and bike friendly areas, which is why we decided to investigate locations around the world that are car-free. We found that some spaces have been created for this purpose while others are reclaimed sites that have been converted into pedestrian and pedal-friendly public spaces.

In 72 hours, San Francisco officials created, in the Castro district, a public plaza and park from an overcrowded intersection. New York's Times Square plaza began as a pilot program but has since been made into a designated pedestrian only area. Curitiba, Brazil has supported pedestrian power since 1972, when a group of activists converted a street into a no-car zone. The area now stretches fifteen blocks. Brisbane, Australia unveiled the world's largest tensegrity bridge, an LED powered haven for the city's pedestrians and cyclists.

Have we missed a favorite car-free zone in our Take Back the Streets slideshow? If so, leave it in the comments. And don't forget to vote on your top picks!

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