Out-Of-Control Car So Close To Hitting Pedestrians On Sidewalk

Terrifying video footage shows the vehicle sliding between two walkers.

Two pedestrians in Brazil cheated death after an out-of-control car slid on its side between them.

Surveillance footage shows the vehicle narrowly miss crashing into the pair on a sidewalk in Campina Grande, Paraíba state, on Monday morning.

A truck skipped a red light at an intersection and struck the car, causing it to roll, according to Globo.

The close call can be seen from 20 seconds onwards in the video below:

The vehicle's driver and his wife sustained minor injuries from the smash and were taken to hospital, according to the Daily Express.

It's not been revealed whether the truck driver will face criminal charges.

Globo reports that accidents are common at that particular intersection in the Prata district, despite authorities putting up speed reducer warning signs.

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