Pedro Pascal Can't Keep It Together During 'Community' Table Read

Now we know why Mandalorians always keep their helmets on.

It’s a good thing Prince Oberyn never wanted to lecture Tywin Lannister about his “hypervirile sperm.”

In an effort to raise money for the World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods, the cast of the sitcom “Community” had a class reunion of sorts. On Monday, the main cast members, minus Chevy Chase, all participated virtually in a table read of Season 5, Episode 4: “Cooperative Polygraphy.”

Walton Goggins originally played the character Mr. Stone in the episode, but since he wasn’t available, “Game of Thrones” and “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal filled in.

And now we know why Mandalorians always keep their helmets on. It’s so people can’t see them laughing.

In the episode, Pascal’s character is the executor for the will of Pierce Hawthorne (Chase), and everything goes pretty smoothly until it came time for the group to receive their unusual bequeathments. One line in particular kept causing Pascal to break:

Wow, Pedro. Do you talk to Baby Yoda with that mouth?

The line “hypervirile sperm” sent Pascal and the other cast members into a hilarious laughing fit, which made the internet catch the giggles, too:

Eventually, Pascal did make it through the line, only to later be tripped up by it again. At least he’s not going to have to deal with this type of tomfoolery on Disney Plus.

You can see the full table read below and donate here.

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