Pedro Pascal Explains Whether His 'Wonder Woman' Villain Is Based On Trump

The "Wonder Woman 1984" actor addresses comparisons between his character and the president.

Now, the Lasso of Truth is on Pedro Pascal.

Previous reports from “Wonder Woman 1984” set visits describing “parallels” between Pascal’s villain Maxwell Lord and President Donald Trump didn’t come as a surprise. From their backgrounds in TV to their suits and their hair, the similarities are obvious.

At this point, if Lord could log on to Twitter, we have no doubt the guy would complain about negative press covfefe.

So, naturally, in a recent interview on Sirius XM, Pascal was questioned about the comparison and if it was ever in his mind when he was doing the character.

“I’ll be totally honest with you,” the actor said. “When I first started talking to [director Patty Jenkins] about it, I was like, ‘You know, we’re doing Gordon Gekko, right? You know, like, this is Gordon Gekko,’” referring to the ruthless, wealthy character from the 1987 film “Wall Street.”

Jenkins told him it’s “not any one thing,” Pascal explained, saying it wasn’t about “that kind of polish.”

Pedro Pascal looking a bit tied up in "Wonder Woman 1984."
Pedro Pascal looking a bit tied up in "Wonder Woman 1984."
Warner Bros.

“Essentially for everyone, for every character, for Diana in 1984 and how much lonelier she is, and everything that [Gal Gadot] has just described, and the evolution of what becomes Cheetah. And where Max Lord’s intentions are born from, it’s all so much more vulnerable than you would expect,” he said.

As far as the look of the character, Pascal mentioned costume designer Lindy Hemming and how she referenced a bunch of “characters that are familiar to us” (which did include Trump according to previous statements by Hemming), but the actor said he didn’t use that to build his version of the DC Comics character.

“It was really what was on the page and then just sort of like where Patty would guide me and insist I go,” he said.

Jenkins previously confirmed that Trump was part of the inspiration for the movie’s version of Lord, though added it wasn’t about getting “political.” She also pointed to Bernie Madoff as a “huge influence,” according to Io9.

See Pascal’s answer below:

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