Pedro Pascal Shares Bonkers Way He Learns Lines — And Kieran Culkin’s Face Says It All

The actors were participating in a SAG Awards Zoom panel when Pascal busted out a “psychotic example” of how he memorizes a script.

Does Duolingo offer a course on how to fluently speak Pedro Pascal? We’re all going to need it.

Last week, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation published a Zoom panel discussion on its YouTube account between Pascal, Billy Crudup, Matthew Macfadyen and Kieran Culkin, who are all SAG Award nominees in the Outstanding Performance by Male Actor in a Drama Series category.

Although some of the conversation offered was pretty standard, with the actors waxing poetic about their craft, there was one unhinged moment that has gotten a good amount of attention online.

About 20 minutes into the discussion, the actors began to talk about how they go about memorizing their lines — and Pascal had a truly unique method.

“I bet I can find and show you, like, this psychotic example, this physical example that I have now that I have to do to learn my lines,” Pascal said as he looked around his room for something.

After finding the object, an open notebook, he brought a page up to the screen that showed some kind of written language that would make Rosetta Stone implode.

As Pascal attempted to explain his weird code, Culkin glared into the screen and tried to decipher it before making a completely shocked expression and grabbing the sides of his head in disbelief.

“So, basically, I’m the Unabomber,” Pascal said in defeat.

“Yes,” Culkin responded wryly.

Over on X, formerly Twitter, users have had a lot of fun with the whole fiasco, with one person jokingly connecting the actor to a certain enigmatic serial killer.

Other users have also pointed out that it’s a fairly common memorization method that works a lot like a mnemonic device.

So, all jokes aside, we get it, Pedro. It’s just your learning style — but we still want to know where you were on Dec. 20, 1968, just to be safe.

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