This Is How You Peel An Entire Head Of Garlic In Just A Few Seconds

This Is How You Peel An Entire Head Of Garlic In Seconds

Garlic is a decidedly delicious pain.

Yes, you can use a knife and smash your cloves into oblivion, scattering little peel pieces over the floor. You can put the cloves in hot water, but you have to wait half an hour for the skins to soften. If you have to peel a dozen heads, you can shake them into submission between two bowls, but that takes more coordination than many chefs have.

So what's the home chef to do? A new video from Diply has a simple hack for the garlic-loving, but mess-averse, cook. All you have to do is put an entire head of garlic into a Mason jar, seal the lid and shake to your heart's content. After 20 seconds, pour out the contents and your cloves should slip out skin-free.

Simple as that.

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