ALERT: You Are Peeling Oranges Wrong (PHOTOS)

How could we have been doing this so incorrectly for so long?

How do we know you are peeling oranges wrong? Because you're peeling them at all.

Since citrus season is about to get into full swing, we should really be eating oranges correctly. We're already well-acquainted with having a tiny bit of clementine skin stuck under our fingernails (I may or may not have some there as I type this), and the season only just got started. Sometimes you stumble upon a photo that immediately makes you feel like a total idiot. That is exactly what happened when we saw this photo from Sara at JewelPie.

peeling oranges wrong

Sara doesn't peel an orange at all, but rather makes a few small cuts and then just rolls the thing out like a Vitamin C-based red carpet for her mouth. After learning that we've been eating apples wrong and bananas wrong this year, it seems only fitting that oranges would be next. What are we eating right? We'll keep practicing and get back to you.

Go check out Sara's full tutorial on how to peel oranges correctly, it will change your life.

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