These Jello Shots Will Make A Peeps Lover Out Of Anyone


Peeps get a bad rap. These Easter-synonymous sugary treats are an acquired taste, and then there's the question of their many seemingly indestructible ingredients.

But there are ways to get in on the Peeps pandemonium that are less marshmallow and more, well, booze.

Blogger Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess posted her recipe for Peeps jello shots Monday. They're made with a few simple ingredients, including marshmallow or vanilla vodka, and a silicone mold that's available for $10.92 on Amazon.

With their delicate flavors, these treats are easy to pair with an Easter menu, and are sure to make your family gathering a bit more bearable.

Of course, you could always leave out the booze to make these little guys family friendly but equally as cute.

Head to A Beautiful Mess to see the entire recipe.

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