Women Having Sex In Their Bedroom Realize Intruder Is Watching Them

Two New Mexico women were forced to shove a creepy stranger out of their bedroom when they realized he was watching them have sex.

Ashley Willis and Maya Mascarenas have only been together for a month, but their relationship reached terrifying heights on Wednesday, according to KOAT. Willis told the station that the two women were having sex in their Santa Fe apartment when they felt another presence in the room.

She said her first reaction was to push the intruder out. Before he left, the suspect -- who has not been caught by police -- told Willis that he'd heard them from a floor below and wanted to see what was happening.

"I think he was definitely intent on joining, and becoming a part of it and placing himself in our position," she said.

Police said the peeping tom got in through an unlocked door and didn’t take anything. They said he just wanted to watch.

Police also said if he faces charges they’d be voyeurism, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. The women described the man as Hispanic, 5 feet 6 inches tall, unshaven and about 200 pounds.

The scary incident comes on the heels of a story out of North Carolina, in which a man allegedly hid in a teen's closet for several days, and sexually assaulted her each night. Jarred Ashley Workman, 27, was charged with 11 counts of statutory rape after the alleged attacks.



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