Creator of Peeple, App That Lets You Rate Other People, Sets Record Straight About Product

Do you want to know what strangers, neighbors and friends really think of you? Or what if you could rate people you like or dislike for the rest of the world to see? A new app called Peeple, slated to launch later this year, will let you do just that. Originally designed to let others rate you in the areas of personal, professional and romance — similar to the way other apps rate businesses — Peeple is making headlines and causing controversy for what some say is its potential to lead to online harassment and bullying — or even ruin lives.

Peeple’s co-creator, Julia Cordray, says, in part, that the media has overreacted to what the app actually will do, and sits down to set the record straight on Dr. Phil.

“What is it that people misunderstand about this?” Dr. Phil asks.

“With the feedback, we’ve made some really great movements toward more positivity for our app,” Cordray says. “You are not anonymous on our app, you cannot have your profile started by anybody else. You have 100 percent opt-in ability. We really want to make sure that you have full control over what goes live on our app.”

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil asks Cordray how it could have never occurred to her or her investors that this app could ruin lives. “Seriously, you went to your VCs to raise money, and nobody around the conference table said, 'What about cyberbullying?'” he asks.

“No, that was never anybody’s concern. So you have to imagine how surprised all of us were,” she replies. "We never would intend harm with a product or app. That’s just not who we are. I didn’t really anticipate this negative attention.”

Cordray’s entire interview airs on Friday's episode of Dr. Phil.

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