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Recipes That'll Turn Your PEEPS Into The Best Cakes, Cookies And More

Try baking with them, you'll see what we mean.

Easter means different things for different people, but one thing it means to everyone is that it's marshmallow PEEPS season. These colorful sugar bunnies and chicks are one of the best parts of spring -- aside from the flowers, sunshine and fresh produce of course.

PEEPS inspire people to do all kinds of things. Eat them; microwave them; make dioramas out of them; cast them on zombie TV shows. They're very inspiring marshmallows.

But the best thing people do with PEEPS is bring them into the kitchen and make edibles out of them. You can bake these festive confections -- but be warned, they will melt beyond recognition. You can snip, cut and attach them to cupcakes and cookies. You can even cover them with chocolate and serve them on a stick. The PEEPS possibilities are endless!

The Best Easter Candy Recipes

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Easter Recipes