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My First Blog! My First Tattoo! My First Donut Burger!

On my recent road trip I got a new chopper, burned rubber with about 500,000 fellow bikers, and ate the legendary donut burger -- the most delicious thing on the planet, and I hear it's totally good for you too.
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Hello good people of the world who read the Huffington Post!

Pee-wee Herman here. This is my very first blog, ever. My first Huffington Post blog. Ever. I am blogging on the Huffington Post. OMG. Did anyone notice I am blogging on the Huffington Post? I am a Huffington Post blogger. I'm joining the premier blogging site, The Huffington Post. I have to catch my breath. I'm. Really. Excited. If you couldn't tell.

How did I start blogging do you ask? Well, it's a REALLY interesting story. I was online looking up the most popular sites in the history of the Internet and right after my Facebook page, Craigslist, and Google, came Huffington Post: The Internet Newspaper. I came across this beautiful, mysterious lady -- Arianna.

Anyway, HuffPo-ers, I love your catchy headlines. Like "Ground Zero Strippers Weigh In On Ground Zero Mosque." I have to say, that's really catchy! I bet all those words have never been used in the same sentence before.

I also noticed a lot of REALLY important people blog on this site. I read REALLY fascinating pieces from all the presidents on Mount Rushmore (Carter, Clinton, and Obama), and my friends, (get ready for some serious name dropping) Alyssa Milano (really pretty), Tony Robbins (really tall) and Deepak Chopra (really deep). In an ironic kind of way, my iconic friends are ironic. You can pick your iconic friends, but you can't pick your iconic friends noses. Or shouldn't. Like Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner -- you may call him Sting. If you ask me, he should change his name back -- like John Cougar Mellencamp did. BTW, French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy looks an awful lot like my friend Eric Idle. Here's one for you, Bernie, "I know you are, but what am I?" Or am I?

I REALLY am excited to join your blogging community but how do you blog all day? All this typing is hurting my fingers. When does one sleep? Arianna says we all need a lot of sleep. I try to get 17 hours a day, personally, but many times I only get 14 or 15. I should strive for more, but really there's so much life to fit in a day.

Which brings me to subject of my first blog, my recent road trip to the Buffalo Chip Campground for the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Yep, I went to South Dakota. (Road trip! Great idea for a movie, by the way...) Get ready for some more name dropping. At the Buffalo Chip were: ZZ Top, Buckcherry, The Guess Who, Bob Dylan and television's 'Renegade' -- Lorenzo Lamas. I got a new chopper, burned rubber with about 500,000 fellow bikers and ate the legendary donut burger -- the most delicious thing on the planet, and I hear it's totally good for you too. I met a cowboy named Cork and had beautiful women crawling all over me-- I have that effect on beautiful women. BBW -- any, and all women. I weighed-in remotely to the Tonight Show (doesn't everybody these days?!) and I got a tattoo. Didn't hurt at all. I brought some friends from Funny or Die to record my personal video diary or VLOG, if you will. I love internet lingo!!

Enjoy my journey, okay? I'm changed since I came back from South Dakota. I understand stuff I didn't understand before.

Blogging on Huffington Post is REALLY fun! Thanks for taking the time. Oh! Did I mention I was going to be on Broadway? The rumors are true. I am replacing Denzel Washington in August Wilson's Fences. Christopher Plummer is my understudy. I'm only half kidding. The Pee-wee Herman Show, starring me mostly but Chris Plummer when I absolutely have to rest, starts previews October 26th. Come see it!


Your pal,


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