Pegasus-Unicorn-Shaped Chicken Nugget Is Amazing (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Amazing Pegasus-Unicorn Chicken Nugget

We have a new favorite chicken-nugget-shaped-like-another-thing.

We all remember the "zombie" chicken nugget. How about the George Washington-shaped chicken nugget? Look -- those nuggets have nothing on the mythical flying magic show that is the pegasus-unicorn chicken nugget.

As discoverer Mushrooms & Roses put it: "So I was eating my chicken strips when all of a sudden... you guessed it... unicorn."

pegasus unicorn chicken nugget

pegasus unicorn chicken nugget 2

The majesty of it is almost too much for us. We actually can't think of a better thing to say about this than Obvious Winner did: "SOMEONE SHRINK ME SO I CAN RIDE IT INTO A RAINBOW OF SAUCES."

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