Peggy Noonan Calls Mika's Shoes An "X-Rated Fantasy" On "Morning Joe" (VIDEO)

The "Morning Joe" crew is a tough crowd to dress for. One day after Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough and David Gregory had a fashion face-off, Mika Brzezinski's high heels came under attack by Peggy Noonan.

Mika is known for her love of shoes, and showed off her favorite pairs on the Huffington Post seven weeks ago.

On Friday's show, Willie Geist implored Noonan to "tell everyone what you said of those shoes."

"They were not shoes," Noonan said in an even tone, "they were an X-rated fantasy walking on Mika's feet."

Scarborough proceeded to giggle, turn as pink as his shirt, and fan himself as Brzezinski looked utterly exasperated. "I am so sorry, I'm sorry, I am sorry," she said. "I thought they looked like tap shoes."

Then at the end of the show, as the hosts and guests stood on a stage, things got even weirder. The executive producer had wrapped his jacket around Brzezinski's feet ("Chris Licht bound me," Mika said), and Scarborough said "Peggy Noonan, I learned today what a Catholic would call these shoes. What are they?" "A mortal sin," Noonan responded to more laughter.

She then retracted her criticism, saying "That was too harsh. I think we have to start showing empathy."

Were Mika's shoes too hot for television? Looks like we'll never know.


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