Pelican Takes A Long, Hard Look At His Choices

No one wants to wind up a jailbird.

A pelican has become a viral star after winding up in a somewhat embarrassing situation on Tuesday.

California Highway Patrol received a report about an injured pelican on the interstate in the city of Truckee, they said in a Facebook post.

When they got there, it appeared the bird wasn’t injured, but he was posing a hazard flying between highway lanes and dodging cars.

Luckily, CHP Officer Troy Griesemer, who has falconry experience, was on the scene.

”He looked tired from flying, so I knew I could get a hold of him,” Griesemer told the Sacramento Bee. “This isn’t the first bird I’ve caught. I knew what to look for, how he was going to react and how he would try to defend himself.”

The pelican took a ride back to the CHP office in the cruiser before being transferred to a wildlife rescue group.

We hope he’s able to stay out of trouble after this.



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