Med School Dean Becomes BFFs With... A Pelican

Their friendship just took flight.

When a medical school dean finally came face to face with his college's adopted pelican, it was as if they'd known each for years.

Photographs posted online showed Vladimír Komárek, the dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, cradling the enormous bird in his arms.

Komárek smiled. The bird smiled (probably). Everybody smiled. 

The adorable shots were taken at the Prague Zoo on Monday, and are now going viral.

Many commenters lightheartedly suggested that the duo shared the same haircut, and said this was why they appeared to get on so well.

According to BuzzFeed, the official seal of Charles University's medical faculties features a pelican. 

In an interview posted on the school's website, Komárek said a former dean began sponsoring the Dalmatian pelican in the year 2000.

"Annually from us the pelican receives 8,000 crowns (around $330)," Komárek stated. "Whether it's enough, I do not know. I will ask."