Pellicano Trial: Bert Fields Plans To Take The Fifth? He Seeks New Counsel

Wednesday morning update:

This morning before the jury was seated, Mr. Saunders revealed that the Monday hearing regarding Mr. Fields' testifying is now off calendar. The government noted that Mr. Fields is no longer represented by counsel, John Keker. Mr. Saunders also noted that as of this morning that the government has not yet decided when (or whether) they will call Mr. Fields. While the government didn't say the reasons behind the decision to take the hearing off calendar, it's clear that the delay will give Mr. Fields an opportunity to hire new counsel. Mr. Keker has represented Mr. Fields in this matter for at least two years.


Despite Mr. Fields' exclusive phone call to Nikki Finke saying that he
did not intend to take the Fifth, Mr. Saunders said that the government had been notified otherwise this
morning by Mr. Fields' counsel. In addition
to comments posted this morning, Mr. Saunders said again this afternoon
that the government had been notified by Mr. Fields' counsel of his
intent to take the Fifth Amendment if called to testify. (He is
currently on the government's witness list.) Mr. Saunders said that the government believed that Mr.
Fields invocation of the 5th Amendment would be improper because the
statute had run on any crimes allegedly committed by Mr. Fields in
connection with Mr. Pellicano.
There is a hearing scheduled on the issue for 11:00 AM on March 31,
2008. If Mr. Fields intends to testify without invoking his 5th amendment right, then one would assume that Monday's hearing on the issue would be taken off calendar.

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