Pellicano Trial Exclusive: Hear The Recordings Of Adam Sender

These are audio tapes of conversations between Adam Sender and Anthony Pellicano in their entirety. Portions of both were played in court Tuesday (read about Tuesday here and here) and contain conversations regarding Mr. Pellicano's alleged wiretapping of Aaron Russo, a movie producer who is now deceased. Mr. Sender paid Mr. Russo $1.1 million to set up a production company and according to Mr. Sender, Mr. Russo merely took his money and ran. Mr. Sender sued Mr. Russo and when he was unable to serve him, hired Bert Fields. Mr. Fields recommended that Mr. Sender hire Anthony Pellicano. Once Mr. Sender retained Mr. Pellicano, the detective began wiretapping Mr. Russo and playing those tapes back to Mr. Sender. These are conversations between Sender and Mr. Pellicano regarding Mr. Pellicano's wiretapping of Mr. Russo and his investigation of Mr. Russo.

At 3:17 on the below:
AP: I am 1,000% loyal to you... That's why Bert uses me on every case... {Russo} is inching towards the cliff... He's about a foot away, all of the sudden, push!... And he has no idea it's coming.

From the other call:
At 1:22
AS: I think it's smart to start a budget... I think $200,000 makes senses. So I just basically would like to set a budget and then I'd just like to make this guy's life as miserable as possible for that amount of money.

At 3:50
AS: You have free reign to do whatever you feel will make this cocksucker as unhappy as possible... I'd like to make the fucking asshole as uncomfortable as possible.

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