Pellicano Trial: Hear Exclusive Audio Of Michael Ovitz Phone The P.I.

Below is exclusive audio tape from an April 2002 phone call of superagent Michael Ovitz -- once considered "the most powerful man in Hollywood" -- asking Anthony Pellicano for a secret meeting. "I need to see you," Ovitz is heard telling Pellicano as he requests an emergency appointment. Mike Ovitz testified today about how useful the information Mr. Pellicano got for him was. (Update: More about Ovitz's afternoon on the stand and how the statute of limitations is up for him here)

This call takes place right around the time that articles are being written about Mr. Ovitz in the New York Times saying that his talent and production company, AMG, is in serious trouble. Ovitz was concerned that his firms' clients were being raided by his former agency, CAA. Pellicano subsequently pursued information on top CAA agents Kevin Huvane and Bryan Lourd, who testified in the Pellicano trial March 26. They told the court that they both use their work addresses on their driver's licenses so no one performing an illegal search could find out where they live.

In the 2-minute call Pellicano tells Ovitz, "My friend Bert Fields loves you. I love you." (1:03)
Ovitz explains the urgency of the call. "This is the single most complex situation imaginable... I'll come to you but I'm not coming to your office." (1:10)

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