Pelosi Announces New Majority Leadership Team

Pelosi Announces New Majority Leadership Team

Pelosi Announces New Majority Leadership Team.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today the new Majority Leadership team for the 111th Congress, elected today by members of the Democratic Caucus:

路 Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi of California
路 Majority Leader: Steny Hoyer of Maryland
路 Majority Whip: James E. Clyburn of South Carolina
路 Democratic Caucus Chairman: John B. Larson of Connecticut
路 Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman: Xavier Becerra of California
路 Assistant to the Speaker and Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Chris Van Hollen of Maryland

Leadership will take office on the first day of the new Congress, January 6, 2009.

Speaker Pelosi said: "I look forward to working with this leadership team to build on our accomplishments in the 110th Congress to take America in a New Direction. We are focused on addressing the challenges facing our nation and will do so with a commitment to bipartisanship, civility, and fiscal responsibility."

Said Majority Leader Hoyer: "With the election of Barack Obama as our next President, we have truly lived up to the promise that in America there is opportunity for all. But he will take office at the most challenging time in our history since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected, at a time when our people are hurting and fearful. Democrats in Congress will reach across the aisle, across chambers and down Pennsylvania Avenue to work together on the people's agenda - to bring change to our great nation. I thank my colleagues for supporting me once again as Majority Leader, and I look forward to working with them in the next Congress."

Said Majority Whip Clyburn: "I am honored to receive the continued support of my Democratic Colleagues. Our nation faces great challenges ahead and I look forward to working with President Obama, and leaders in the House and Senate to put our country back on track and bring positive change to the American people."

Chairman Larson said: "Our Caucus faces a rendezvous with reality - the harsh reality that Americans struggle with every day. That is home foreclosures, job loss, and the soaring costs of health care, energy and education. But we will not shrink from these challenges. We embrace them and with the transformational presidency of Barack Obama, we will bring about the change America needs."

Said Vice Chairman Becerra: "I am honored to have received a vote of confidence from my colleagues to serve as Vice Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, working with our leadership team led by Speaker Pelosi. Now it's time to produce results that each and every one of us knows the American people are expecting of us. With renewed Democratic leadership in Congress and a new partner in the White House I am confident that we can all work together to take our country in a New Direction."

Assistant to the Speaker Van Hollen said: "I am looking forward to working with the Speaker and our entire leadership team as we work with President-elect Obama to enact an agenda for change. The American people want us to work together to move the country in a new direction. As we embark on this challenging legislative and political cycle, I believe more than ever that good policy makes for good politics."

Pelosi also announced that the Democratic Caucus approved her nominations of Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina to serve as Chair of the Budget Committee, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter of New York to serve as Chair of the Rules Committee.

Pelosi named the Co-Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee:

路 Co-Chair of the Steering and Policy Committee: Congressman George Miller of California;
路 Co-Chair of the Steering and Policy Committee: Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut;
路 Vice Chair of the Steering and Policy Committee: Congressman Marion Berry of Arkansas;
路 Vice Chair of the Steering and Policy Committee: Congresswoman Hilda Solis of California;
路 Chair of Organization, Study, and Review: Congressman Michael Capuano of Massachusetts.

The Steering Committee includes members of the elected leadership, the Chief Deputy Whips, and Chairs of the five exclusive committees and the Chair of the Budget Committee.

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