Penelope Cruz Loses Control On Flight

Penelope Cruz Loses Control On Flight

Penelope Cruz had a panic attack onboard a Continental flight from Newark to Barcelona Thursday night. Cruz, who appeared to be traveling alone, was in first class and became agitated after the plane left the gate. After she spoke with the cockpit, the plane returned to the gate and Cruz deplaned. A fellow passenger told Huffington Post, "She was freaking out and refused to fly." In the process of Cruz deplaning, the flight removed all the bags, which then sat in the rain to the consternation of fellow passengers, so that the airline could locate her luggage.

The status on Continental's website of Flight 120 shows that the airplane returned to the gate in Newark before taking off almost two hours late, at 8:52 pm for a 7:10 pm departure.

Continental spokesman Dave Messing had no additional comment.

Cruz's publicist Carrie Gordon insisted to Huffington Post all is fine, saying, "There was no panic attack. The airline let her know there was going to be a 3 or 4 hour delay due to the storm. She had work so she figured she'd deplane and fly when the storm passed."

The Oscar nominee is scheduled to shoot a Woody Allen film in Barcelona.

This is not the first time Cruz has had a air scare. Last year she told Marie Claire about an emergency landing a plane made in 2004 with friend Salma Hayek:

It was Halloween, and the two were en route to Mexico, where their upcoming film, Bandidas, was shot. Evidently, the two friends wanted to get a jump on the holiday. "There we were with these horrible clown wigs on ‑- and all of a sudden, we had to make an emergency landing," Cruz says, describing, among other things, an alarming drop in cabin pressure and the deployment of the oxygen masks. "I couldn't believe it, that this was the end. With Salma and me in Halloween costumes! I thought, This is such a weird way to die!" Cruz lets the memory wash over her, shaking her head with both glee and disbelief. "After we landed I had a huge, hysterical crying attack, and all Salma said was, 'Where's the bar?' Now we laugh about it, because we are so happy to be alive."

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