Penguins On A Plane Greet Delta Passengers (VIDEO)

WATCH: Proof That Penguins Can Fly

First there were snakes on a plane. Now penguins are taking the air.

Or at least that's what happened on Delta flight 1641 from San Antonio to Atlanta on March 8th, as captured in this adorable YouTube video.

According to Yahoo News, the pilot made a special announcement asking if anyone was allergic to penguins. When the plane reached cruising altitude, the pair took a stroll down the first class cabin greeting passengers who snapped and filmed the cuddly creatures.

But this wasn't just a special treat from Delta Airlines. It turns out Pete and Penny, ages 6 and 12, were en route to New York for the premiere of "Frozen Planet," a new Discovery Channel documentary series narrated by Alec Baldwin.

This isn't the first time a penguin has made an in-flight appearance. Almost a year ago, footage emerged on YouTube of a pair of SeaWorld penguins walking the aisles of a San Francisco to San Diego Southwest airlines flight.

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