Enrique Milla Sues Dr. Laurentiu Boeru Over Penis Amputation, Testifies By Skype After Deportation (VIDEO)

'Flesh-Eating Bacteria.. Ate His Penis Centimeter By Centimeter'

Cross your legs before reading: a man is suing his anesthesiologist in a Miami courtroom after his penis had to be amputated following implant surgery.

Enrique Milla and his wife Gloria are seeking "tens of millions" in damages from Dr. Laurentiu Boeru, according to Local 10, arguing that the doc failed to properly evaluate risks in light of pre-existing conditions -- including uncontrolled diabetes -- that allegedly led to complications following the procedure.

The horror unfolded after Milla went for a elective surgery at Coral Gables Hospital in 2007 because he was experiencing erectile dysfunction.

“He didn’t do this to have a bigger penis,” Milla's attorney, Spencer Aronfeld, told the Miami Herald's Gossip Extra. “This was because of medical reasons: He just wanted to have relations with his wife.”

But 9 days after surgery, a small infection became gangrene -- and much, much worse.

"It turned into a flesh-eating bacteria that ate his penis centimeter by centimeter," Aronfeld said outside court, "and as a result of this, he has to spend the rest of his life without a functioning penis. He has to sit down to urinate, he'll never have any intimate relationships with anyone, and he's lost his manhood."

As a result, Milla filed suit in 2009 against not only Boeru but the urologist who performed the surgery, Dr. Paul Perito -- who is also being sued over a second gruesome penis amputation case, that of a state prisoner who lost his penis after seeing Perito over an outbreak of bumps.

Perito, who kept his license after a 2004 arrest for illegally selling prescription drugs, including large amounts of diluted cancer and AIDS medications, in a conspiracy that allegedly raked in $59 million, settled with Milla out of court last year.

"The one and only person who cleared him for this surgery on that day was Dr. Boeru," Aronfeld told WSVN. A urologist not involved in the case explained to WSVN in 2009 that diabetics are well known to suffer infections more easily.

"Diabetics, as such, are more prone to infections," said Dr. Sanjay Radzan. "He must have heard about that. People get gangrene, people get infections and abscesses everywhere, especially when the diabetes is not controlled. Now, in the face of a foreign body out there, this is heightened."

But on the stand, Boeru testified that his obligation to patients extends only to anesthesia -- and it's the urologist's responsibility to clear the patient for surgery.

"I addressed a small period of time of contact with the patient, which is the preoperative period of time," the doctor testified. "My role is stopped when the epidural catheter...is out or the patient is out of recovery."

“What happened to Mr. Milla was just bad luck,” Boeru’s attorney, Jay Chimpoulis, told the Herald. “But filing frivolous lawsuits won’t change his bad luck.”

Unfortunately for Milla, his bad luck extended beyond an amputated penis: Aronfeld told HuffPost that before Milla reached a settlement with Perito, a mysterious tip to Immigration and Naturalization Services led to Milla being deported to Peru after 40 years in the United States.

His testimony in the case, which wil be decided by jury, was made via Skype.

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