Penis Map Of The World Exposes Weenie Size In Each Country

Mapping The World's Wieners

Ever wanted to plan your trip based on the likelihood that you'll encounter, you know, something big to write home about?

Now you can, thanks to a fabulously informative map from Twitter user @onionslayer.

The map provides detail on willy size for nearly every country on Earth, assigning each nation a color code and measurement range in centimeters.

The top of South America -- Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela -- form a cluster of dark green, the color code for the planet's biggest penises. Meanwhile, China and India are a sea of red, meaning they are home to the world's teeniest weenies.

We recognize this map uses user-submitted data in lieu of verifiable scientific data, so take it with a grain of salt (and guys, don't go getting competitive). But we couldn't resist sharing its inventiveness -- and its potential value for trip planning!

How does your next destination, ahem, measure up?

This post has been updated to further explain the construction of the map.

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