Penis Pastries In Sweden Take The Cake (NSFW)

Funds raised so cancer awareness doesn't get the shaft.

Get your penis pastries while they're hot!

A Swedish bakery dangled a new item on its shelves Monday in Karlstad -- a phallic-shaped sweet. And they sold "like hotcakes," the Local wrote.

"They have been very popular," Hanna Larssons konditori assistant Linda Thoresen told the outlet. "It's a bit unusual and people have laughed at them and thought they were funny."

The site said the pastries "contain whipped cream and passion fruit mousse on a sponge cake base."

The treats cost 25 kronor (about $3) each, with five kronor of every sale going to prostate cancer research for Sweden's Movember celebration to raise awareness of men's health issues, according to the bakery's Facebook page.

The naughty edible is the latest in body-function desserts. A Hong Kong pop-up cafe recently grabbed headlines for making buns that poop and vomit.

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