Adventures Of This Penis Are So Cute, We're Back For More! (NSFW)

The most interesting manhood in the world.

You live the life, Little Dude!  The star penis of the "Things My Dick Does" Tumblr has been having quite a time since we last visited.

As you'll see below, he got in the Halloween spirit big-time, built a fort with his new quilt and pillow set, and apparently got censored by a social media network.

For the uninitiated, Little Dude is the real-life extension of an anonymous guy dubbed Big Dude who dared to explore what his manhood did while unsupervised.

Who could have imagined?

These images are NSFW and perhaps offensive to some viewers. (Sorry, Little Dude, we have to warn 'em.)

 He also watched porn. That is so Little Dude. 

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