Someone 3D-Printed An Entire Wall Of Penises, And It's Actually Quite Impressive

Someone 3D-Printed An Entire Wall Of Penises, And It's Actually Quite Impressive

Yes, you read that right. Someone -- Peiqi Su, a student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts -- used 3D-technology in a way early humans could only have dreamed. She created a wall of undulating, movement-sensitive penises. Why? Because she could!

Peiqi Su was one of several Interactive Telecommunications Program students who participated in the ITP graduate show earlier this month. As you can imagine, when she presented her kinetic masterpiece, the project stood out.

"The penis is so different!" Peiqi Su explains on the ITP website. "This is my initial motivation, to study one of the oldest and probably the most attractive thing that humans interact with." (Let's take a moment and revel in this beautiful artist statement. Ok, proceed.)

The "Penis Wall", as it's appropriately titled, consists of a grid of wagging and waving members that frolic to the tune of a Tchaikovsky song or in step with a viewer like a melange of giddy, little phallic creatures. Using an ultrasonic distance sensor, the wall can be programmed not only to dance, but to serve as a visualization for data, such as stock market patterns.

So, it does have practical uses?

Peiqi Su told Animal NY that she was inspired to craft "Penis Wall" after hearing that “everyone on Wall Street is a dick.” It all makes sense. Now, if only we could fathom some way of peeling our eyes away from these sexual organs and end the most bizarre staring contest of our lives.

If you need a break from all these d*cks, pay homage to the opposite sex with "The Great Wall of Vagina." You're welcome.

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