Weather Map Shows 100% Chance Of Penis

"You can't argue with the computer. It's science."

An interesting weather pattern popped up over the East Coast this week, but what has everyone talking isn't the chance of thunderstorms in some areas and heavy rain in others. It's what the two systems look like together on the map.

The graphic of a green penis-shaped weather pattern stretching roughly 800 miles long caught the attention of the WGN morning news crew in Chicago.

"The East Coast getting the shaft," said one of the anchors. "You call that a rod of high pressure."

"You can't argue with the computer," said another. "It's science."

Meanwhile, over at, the same map was getting a rise out of readers:

"Looks like the rain is really penetrating New England!" wrote one commenter, Matt Casey.

"Never needed a cigarette after seeing a weather map before," said Barbara Mull Brockmeyer.

While the map is receiving plenty of attention on social media, penis-shaped weather patterns are actually quite common. Last year, Jimmy Kimmel even created a video highlight reel of phallic weather maps.

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