Introducing Penised, The Company That Turns Any Logo Into Genitalia

New Company Will Turn Any Logo Into A Penis

File this under things you didn't know you wanted: a new company called Penised will take any logo and turn it into a dick.

The company's co-founders, who work for "large technology companies" in San Francisco, prefer to remain anonymous, but they joined HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski on Monday to discuss their business. Donning masks and using the pseudonyms Phropenius and Coxworth, the pair explained that they accept requests to redesign any logo, no questions asked. For $25 to $55, depending on the size of the logo, Penised will find a creative way to incorporate some phallic imagery into the emblem and turn around the finished product within 48 hours. Most orders are for gag gifts, they said, but there's also no better way to get under your enemies' skin than turning the face of their company into a penis.

Watch HuffPost Live's conversation with the founders of Penised above.

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