Penn Badgley, Tim Robbins Latest Celebs To Join Occupy Wall Street

No, that's not Dan Humphrey unwittingly entangled in the Occupy Wall Street protests while on his way to save Serena or write a short story or make waffles with Rufus -- that's Penn Badgley, who enthusiastically participated in rallies in Lower Manhattan earlier this week. The "Gossip Girl" actor has been spotted at least twice -- once, on Sunday, wearing a newsboy cap and taking photographs, then again Wednesday in a green t-shirt, marching and visibly holding a sign with "Bring Back The Glass Stengell Act!! No To Corporate Greed!" writ large.

"This is what an actual grassroots movement looks like," Robbins told the Financial Times.

PHOTO: Penn Badgley, October 2nd

PHOTO: Tim Robbins, October 5th