Penn State Students Rush To Buy Hurricane Malt Liquor During Hurricane Sandy

Penn State Students Rush For Malt Liquor During Hurricane

Pennsylvania State University was one of many colleges affected by Hurricane Sandy, which caused the school cancel classes on Monday.

Free from classes, it appears a fair number of students headed for the nearest liquor store in State College, Penn., and many shops quickly ran out of Hurricane 40 oz. Malt Liquor. The Daily Collegian reports one store, Thrifty Bottle Shop, sold 11 times the normal number of Hurricanes. Another store, Zeno’s To Go bottle shop, reported large groups of students heading in to buy Hurricanes.

Onward State noted one shop, W.R. Hickey’s, "specifically went out of their way to ensure the longevity of their Hurricane inventory."

After stores ran out of Hurricanes, residents reportedly settled for Colt 45 or Old Milwaukee, according to Keystone Politics.

Penn State has a reputation as a party school, regularly making national top 10 lists.

But students who may have hoped to stay up drinking all night had their hopes dashed when Penn State chose not to cancel Tuesday classes.

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