Penny Floor By Ryan Lange And Emily Belden Uses 59,670 Coins (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

And it only took 128 hours to complete.

A penny saved is a penny earned, as the saying goes. And there’s no way to make sure you’re not spending those coins quite like... gluing them to your floor.

Chicago couple Ryan Lange and Emily Belden have created a penny floor by fastening 59,670 pennies to their 234-square-foot bedroom floor, creating a space that not only looks cool but we imagine also feels nice on bare feet.

According to NBC, the duo wanted to renovate their bedroom, and the idea came to Lange after seeing a jar of change in their home and researching blogs. "We'd been looking up options and were thinking about being green when I said we should just tile the floor in pennies,” Lange told the news corp.

So just how did they complete this project? At first the two used small glue tubes and dotted spots of the adhesive on the floor, pushing each penny into place. But they quickly started using a caulk gun and stronger glue, which moved the process along immensely. They finished by placing one silver penny into the mix and then cemented the coins with a clear coat -- all in all it took 128 hours.

The handling of thousands of pennies may have left the couple tired and their hands dirty, but throughout the process they found rare gems like one coin from 1873 with an Indian head instead of Abraham Lincoln.

“It’s unreal to own an artifact that old, let alone wake up and walk on it every day," Belden told the Chicagoist. "We also fell in love with the variation in color among the pennies. Some are bright and shiny. Others are weathered with a unique teal hue to them. Some are dark and antiqued.“

Penny floors have become more and more popular and trendy. This design idea can be seen at The Standard Grill in The Standard Hotel New York, Artistan Tattoo Gallery in Garfield, Pennsylvania and plenty of blogs and YouTube videos. And although it’s not a new idea, we never get tired of hearing the awesome stories from people who take a chance with this DIY project.

Watch the video above to see just how Ryan and Emily completed this project, click through our slideshow to see photos and head over to their blog, The Penny Floor, to learn more.

Penny Floors

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