Penny Stock Trader Claims He Will Make You Rich -- Here's His Proof

Penny Stock Trader Claims He Will Make You Rich -- Here's His Proof
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Thanks to the box office hit Wolf of Wall Street, as soon as someone hears the words "penny" and "stock" anywhere near each other, images of lavish parties, drugs, and general debauchery spring to mind. While Timothy Sykes certainly has had a few wild adventures, there are a few key differences between him and the film's titular character. First, Tim does things the legal way -- no pumping and dumping involved. On the contrary, Tim mainly exposes penny stock scams and makes money when they inevitably crash -- a strategy called short selling, a strategy in which has Timothy now made $4,381,258.13. Second, he has taught several students how to do the exact same thing he does with smashing success. Here are a few of Tim's students who made their fortunes through penny stock trading under his tutelage.

1. Michael Goode - $1,598,967.61

Ironically, Michael Goode was one of Tim's biggest detractors. He even created an entire blog dedicated to trashing his name and telling the world that he was just another get rich quick scammer. However, after a series of events led him to getting to personally know Tim a bit, he decided to give him a chance. He instantly realized that the strategy Tim taught was legitimate. It had depth, required study, but most importantly, it really did work. Michael did not become an instant millionaire of course, but over time his profits did grow. After trading with Tim for four years, he officially crossed the millionaire mark for the first time in his life.

His advice to those looking to make their fortunes? Don't be afraid to take risks, but do the appropriate research before making a decision. Many people area afraid to take risks and will talk you down from doing something that could be perceived as "too risky," but no risk means no reward either.

2. Tim Grittani - $2,728,778.30

Tim Grittani first learned about Tim Sykes while in college pursuing a Finance major. After scouring the Internet for investing advice and reviews of Tim's services, he decided to give it a shot. He started trading with Tim with his entire life savings - a whopping $1500. In three short years, he was able to transform that into over $1,000,000, all by the age of 24.

The biggest thing lesson Tim G can offer in terms of becoming a millionaire is patience. He traded every single day in those three years leading up to crossing the million dollar mark, and that time also brought a few losses as well (at one point he was $1300 in debt thanks to losses). However he pushed through, kept learning and improving, and eventually crossing into millionaire territory. He is proof that patience and persistence does pay off.

3. Mark Croock - $500,930.42

Mark Croock is perhaps Tim's most dedicated trading student. He has watched every single one of Tim's 3,500+ premium video lessons. Since beginning to trade with Tim, he has profited $500,000+. This allowed him to quit his job, move to Miami, and trade full time. He also happened to meet the love of his life once he made the move to Miami, where Tim attended their wedding.

These days Mark even has his own trading service. He might never have gotten to this point if it weren't for his incredible dedication, from watching and re-watching every Tim Sykes video lesson to manually categorizing every video by topic for the benefit of all of Tim's other students. Those looking to make their fortune should pay attention to Mark's level of commitment -- it takes serious dedication to make serious money.

4. Azimjon - $236,417.38

Azimjon originally wasn't even interested in penny stocks, and first learned about Tim through an episode of the reality TV show Wall Street Warriors. He was impressed with Tim's knowledge of trading, and decided to do some research. Though interested in Tim's strategy, he continued to trade on his own, which led to failure after failure. However, he eventually contacted Tim and under his mentorship was able to devise a strategy that worked for him. In fact, his feat of turning $2,200 into $236,417 in profits in 3 years has made him a wealthy man in his village and he named his son Timur after Tim.

The biggest piece of advice Azimjon can offer anyone looking to make their fortune is to find a mentor in the field you are interested in and learn everything you can from them.

Four success stories, four lessons about what it takes to pursue one's fortune. In addition to these lessons, Michael Goode, Tim Grittani, and Mark Croock all give live weekly Webinars and exclusive video lessons to Tim's Trading Challenge students to pay it forward. Whether you decide to trade or pursue another passion, these four lessons will serve you well.

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