Penthouse Club San Francisco Opening In February

San Franciscans don't seem know what they want when it comes to nudity.

When nudity is free to see, people say, "ewww" and demand the fleshy exhibitionists insert a layer of towel between butts and benches. But, when it comes to the nudity that requires a $20 cover charge, the good people of San Francisco can't seem to get enough.

At least, that's what the porn-peddling powers that be are hoping because San Francisco looks to be the first city on the West Coast to get its very own Penthouse Club & Steakhouse.

Yes, the nudie magazine of record is stretching its strip club empire all the way out to Baghdad by the Bay with a new club scheduled to open next February.

The club will feature two bars, three stages, bottle service and a restaurant with a full menu designed by executive chef Juan Martinez. Also boobs.

"No other gentlemen's club in California will offer the same level of style, service or sophistication as this Penthouse Club and Steakhouse," said General Manager Glenn Prime in a press release. "And in terms of entertainment quality, the club will bring a whole new level of excitement to upscale adult nightlife in San Francisco."

The precise location of this massive gentlemen's establishment has yet to be revealed, and Grubstreet has some speculation as to why that is:

We're pretty curious where this 15,000 square feet is hiding, but the likely reason for the secrecy is that they're taking over an existing club that wants to stay open through New Year's without announcing the closure.

When the San Francisco location opens next year, it will be the twelfth Penthouse Club. There are already locations in cities stretching from Reno to Moscow.