People Are Cracking Up Over This Gift A Mom Got For Her Daughter


This is a gift … to the internet.

Shelby Donovan, an 18-year-old from New Orleans, Louisiana, was shocked when she opened a present from her mother in front of her entire family on Christmas.

Shelby Donovan, right, with her mom, Kerri Roberts.
Shelby Donovan, right, with her mom, Kerri Roberts.
Shelby Donovan / robertsshelby57

“I kind of just stared at it for a really long time, trying to come up with anything else it could be besides a sex toy,” Donovan told The Huffington Post. “Because who wants to say that in front of their family? NO ONE.”

The gift she is referring to is this:

Naturally, her entire family began giggling as soon as she revealed the gift.

“My mom realized why we were laughing, so she says, ‘What? Do you actually think I would get you a dildo for Christmas?’” Donovan said.

It turns out the teen made the “horrible mistake” of opening and holding the gift upside down.

And it’s actually a cup holder.

“My grandma’s [reaction] was definitely the best,” Donovan said. “She described it as, ‘Business in the morning, fun at night.’”

Donovan explained to HuffPost that she asked her mom for coffee and tea for Christmas this year because she has “a horrible addiction to Starbucks.” Donovan figured if she made her own brews and carried it around in a tin tumbler, she could break her habit. Her mom figured she could make the whole transition a tiny bit smoother by getting a durable cup holder for her daughter, as well.

Her mom was wrong.

But Donovan’s impulse to post pictures of the gift to Twitter on Dec. 25 was oh so right.

The photos soon went viral, receiving over 196,000 likes and 80,000 retweets.

And Donovan has actually used the “very efficient” cup holder, though she admits she’ll only use it in her house.

“I’m almost too scared to go out in public with it since so many people on here agreed that it looks like a dildo,” she said.

Aw, try it out! It may just perk some people up.

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