People Are Dressing Up Like Alexander Hamilton Because #Hamilween Is In Full Effect

Take a break from your day and check out these "Hamilton"-themed costumes.

Halloween is around the corner ... are you going to throw away your shot?

With the popularity of “Hamilton: An American Musical,” it’s only natural that Hamilmania has extended to All Hallows’ Eve. Last year was the first Halloween #Hamilween started cropping up on social media, but this year there’s been a full-on explosion. 

Look at how lucky we are to be alive right now:

The costumes this year have been beyond impressive ― a lot of them homemade. 

Even Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s been loving the Hallow-hype.

Which is good, because people are even dressing as Lin himself.

Then of course, because we can’t have anything nice, there’s also this Ali Hamilton costume. 

Yeah, it’s a sexy Alexander Hamilton costume. But, you know, just pretend you didn’t see that. Here are some more #Hamilween-ers.

 Now, go forth with your own Hamil-costume and ... blow us all away.




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